Rimini viaggio

During winter time and January blues I started looking at pictures from two summers ago. Sunny italian memories and colorful unpublished photos from Rimini started awakening in my mind.

I took a plane in a July morning from Berlin to Bologna, and then the regional train to the east coast, in Rimini, a resort popular among locals. In the afternoon I was already under the Italian sun, renting a chair at a sandy powder soft beach and finalmente, swimming in the Adriatic Sea.

Followed by a stroll in the old town, passing by the museum dedicated to film director Federico Fellini, born in Rimini. Not before I checked in a hotel surrounded by chestnuts. And than stopped at Casina del Bisco for a traditional piadina, with a typical cheese of this Italian region, squacquerone.

Speaking of food, Rimini is in Emilia – Romagna region, the same one that introduced us to ingredients and dishes we associate with Italy, as Parmigiano, Mortadella and Prosciutto di Palma, but also aceto balsamico and of course, lasagne alla Bolognese or piadinas.

This was the second time I was in a city by the east coast of Italy, after seeing picture-perfect Polignano a mare in Apulia. I guess is time to plan soon a trip on the west side as well – perchè no from the Amalfi coast to Cinque Terre.

One more gelato and one last espresso by the sea the next day, and I am ready to continue this Italian journey by train to Bologna and Florence.

Travel though Italy

Speaking of trains, to travel fast between the coast and main cities I recommend both TrenItalia and ItaloTreno. Traffic is chaotic, and Italian drivers can be, let’s say, eccentric. Besides these ones to Florence or Bologna, I remember vividly all my train rides in Italy – first one also in summer from Venice to Verona, and second one a few years later, in a different August, to Milan.

Read also my first Italian travel story, When in Rome

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