This website is a creative outlet about the joy of travel, and a visual journal for my stories because cities are my favorite characters.

Travel & coffee are always on my mind.

I like to buy plane tickets and coffee. Also dresses & books, but that’s a story for another time.

The idea for the website started with me exploring the cities where I lived and visiting other places I always dreamed to go.

I don’t want to forget my years in Belgium and Germany, so I am glad I wrote down moments and I have travel notes.

Instead of documenting moments, events or names of places and restaurants just for me, I decided to share part of my travel stories and events, and wanted to have all my published articles in one place.

The importance of the journey

Every life journey is different and unique. For studies and work I lived in several cities in Europe, including Brussels and Bucharest, while now I am based in Berlin.

Disclaimer: My writing is very personal, raw, honest. Only about places I genuinely loved or found inspiring, chaotically combined on these pages and posts. Not the usual travel page, as I write also for my future self, to remember everything I saw and all the details designed to be forgotten. I do hope you will find here useful information for your travels.

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