Kalimera. Greek Journey

Greek islands and their mythology have always fascinated travelers. Corfu is an island with a rich history where many civilization left their mark. Where time seemed to move at a slower pace.

Grateful for the greek food & good coffee, the Ionian Sea, and the melody of their language. What I got to see, hear, feel and live every day in Greece brought me a lot of appreciation.

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Wiener Melange

Baroque splendor, Gustav Klimt and landmarks in golden Vienna around which I built some of my days. Plus hours with no plan when I just wandered the Viennese streets in a private emotional experience.

Nothing beats the quality of life of Vienna. I felt a connection in 2015 when I came here the first time and I am grateful to continue to explore the city’s art scene, museums, buildings on Ringstrasse and coffeehouse culture.

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