Kalimera. Kerkyra Journey

Greek islands and ancient mythology have always fascinated travelers. Corfu is an island with a rich history where many civilization left their mark. Where time seemed to move at a slower pace.

Grateful for the Greek food & good coffee, the Ionian Sea, and the melody of their language. What I got to see, hear, feel and live every day in Greece brought me a lot of appreciation.

Ipsos beach, Corfu

I was particularly impressed after exploring one afternoon the archeological site that is the Old Fortress. Another afternoon I enjoyed a 30 minutes walk near the sea until beach Mon Repos. And I learned fast the main spots of the city:

  • Spianada Square, main park and a short walk to the old fortress
  • New Venetians Fortress
  • The wonderful maze that is the historic old town
  • Liston promenade, with French cafés and arcades in Venetian style
  • Saint Spyridon Cathedral, protector of the island
  • Royal Palace – St Michele & St Girgio Palace, now the Asian Art Museum

Wondering the ancient streets of the UNESCO world heritage that is the center of Kerkyra, the capital of the Corfu island. And staying right in the heart of the old town, near the port, I could drink my coffee each morning surrounded by the sea. The deep blue Ionian Sea.

Grateful for day trips to with Kanoni, Ipsos, Benitses on the east side of the island. Plus Achilleion, the Palace of Sisi, that I visited already 15 years ago:). And on the west side I only went to Pelekas and hiked until beautiful Kontogialos beach.

The clarity of the blue Ionian Sea is healing and helped me organize my thoughts.

October came and I decided to extend the summer a little more. I always like to document my memories with photographs and make a couple of videos. Search for answers. Go home with souvenirs. Write the story of the trip so I don’t forget.

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