Purple Berlin

Last week was the Holly week in the Orthodox church and it wad indeed a special one.

Now in Berlin – Spring is in full bloom – lilac flowers and wisteria are everywhere. Lavender color and amazing smell. I admire them walking in neighborhoods and I hope to spot them every time I visit a flat. As a good purple sign.

I wrote once that emotions have a color for me. And purple was Joy. The joy of discovering a new city, of the little things, the smile from a stranger, and the emotions of a new beginning. I get to discover each day this amazing city, making memories already so that I have stories to write.

Besides the classic Brandenburg gate, East Side Gallery and Reichstag, I got to pass by the house David Bowie lived, the one Marlene Dietrich was born, the church Martin Luther King gave a speech to the people of former West Berlin and the city hall where JFK said the famous “Ich bin ein Berliner”.


Since I made many photos and so, I started reflecting on my need to capture moments.

I mostly use photography as a tool to deal with uncertainty in new and old places. And to meet people. To remember what should not be forgotten. To observe and capture the beautiful details.

To envision a better present.

Grüß aus Berlin,


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