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  • Book review – A year in Provence
    A book like a vacation. The author Peter Mayle moved with his wife to the South of France, and wrote with humor about their first year in Provence. In his memoir, he enjoyed the French lifestyle and explored local events, all in a delicious mix of culture and cuisine. It had me at bon appétit.
  • Rimini viaggio
    During this winter time I started looking at pictures from two summers ago. Sunny italian memories and colorful unpublished photos from Rimini started awakening in my mind.
  • 2022 Wanderlust Diary
    Memories, emotions and also less happy events from 2022 unfold in my mind. I browse through all to remember the sunset in Portugal, a reunion in Sweden, days in nature and time spend on a Greek island. I traveled more than I expected. I remember spring days in Brussels and nights in Berlin. The midsummer light in Paris after work and the streets of Vienna …
  • Before Christmas in Bucharest
    This December in Bucharest, I went for a walk in the city center and came across spectacular Christmas decorations in two historical restored buildings. One new favorite sight was discovered by accident and the second one on purpose. My first stop was the Marmorosch Hotel, monument building with a history of over 100 years. And at Mița Biciclista we can admire a restored house from …
  • Christmas Past – Bruxelles
    Similar to Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, the spirit of Christmas pasts in Brussels visited me – from a time when I used to be in the holiday frame of mind, unlike this year. Although is never too late. The markets in Brussels were festive and even magical, but most important, also gourmet. After all, Belgium is the country of chocolate, waffles, bier and fries.
  • Berlin Science Week
    I started thinking at my life so far when I was in the Naturkunde Museum, during Berlin Science Week, while surrounded by children (and dinosaurs). Growing up, I did not had the opportunity to attend this type of events. This November, Berlin Science Week was a 10 days international festival with innovative scientific organizations, a different type of travel experience, and most important, a reminder …
  • Meteora – suspended in air
    Even though many years have passed, I remember the morning we left for Meteora, the place that impressed me the most in Greece. Luckily I also took notes. Meteora is a huge rocky complex located in the valley of Thessaly, not far from the Pindus mountains, with centuries old monasteries. Means suspended stones or suspended in the air. The landscapes left me speechless – an …