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  • A day in Salzburg
    City of Mozart, Marzipan combined with pistachio, covered in dark chocolate, or Sound of Music? Besides Vienna, Austria has more beautiful cities, and Salzburg is one hidden treasure. Dream now, visit later.
  • Berlin & Kreuzberg
    Kreuzberg was like a puzzle. Unconventional Berlin. Walking along the Landwehrkanal, is incredible to notice the architecture in Art Deco and Art Nouveau and how much symmetry has a city that seems so chaotic, with former East, West, old parts, new constructions, party areas, grey buildings, a Wall memorial. I think one of the reasons I write these articles is a way to solve the …
  • Antwerpen Central Station
    There is something about train stations and time. The most beautiful train station I ever saw with magnificent details was in Antwerp. The classic central station was first used in 1905 (yes, really). The city, known as Anvers by French speakers, must be the third most visited Belgian city in the years I lived in this country, after Brussels and Bruges, and one I feel …
  • Brâncuși Week & The Endless Column
    Art inspired from Romanian mythology and traditions and carved in wood, stone and later bronze. From Târgu-Jiu and Bucharest to Paris, via Munich until New York. Every year, on the 19th of February, a tribute is paid to honor the memory of genius artist Constantin Brâncuși, pioneer of modern sculpture. But the Brâncuși Week starts today.
  • Berlin Friedrichshain
    Going East to start the party. Friedrichshain is an eclectic mix of alternative places, vibrant street art, pieces of Berlin history and lively squares. Is the place of the iconic East Side Gallery, the destination for techno club culture, but also the home to many Berliners and filming location for the Queen’s Gambit.
  • West Berlin & Charlottenburg
    Exploring the old Berlin with Charlottenburg, located West of Tiergarden park. In this part of former West Berlin you can combine (soon) Palace or museum visits with shopping and alternative places.
  • A year in the life
    We measure something so abstract as time in days, months and years as is easier for us to shape it. 2020 was no ordinary “year”, not in perception or in facts. So I was reflecting and looked back. Winter had lights and music in Berlin. After that, Spring was marked by uncertainty. Summer was sunnier and bohemian in Hamburg, Prague and Munich, and Fall was …