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  • It’s not just any city, it’s Paris
    Paris is often on my mind. Luckily is a city I have come to photograph often and got to know so well in the last 10 years, and I still can’t believe while writing this. I feel is just the beginning.
  • Walking in Rome
    All the roads lead to Rome for a reason. Lately – more was less. The walks, architecture, history, the beauty and all the impressive food in between. This city has it all. Rome you experience and then write home about.
  • Exploring Edinburgh
    How sensational when you wake up for the first time in a new country. Scotland was as I imagined it would be – friendly, with gloomy weather, in royal celebration. Edinburgh is beautiful, with elegant Georgian architecture.
  • Hamburg favorite
    I think it doesn’t matter how often I have been to Hamburg, three or maybe more times, this is a city if you revisit, there is something new to explore and photograph. Days are getting longer and warmer, and I’ll take any excuse for a trip.
  • The Belgian Coast & De Kusttram
    Did you know that you can see from a tram in a day the entire Belgian coastline of the North Sea from the border with the Netherlands until reaching the dunes of sand near France? C’est posible!
  • Book review – My Invented Country
    Chilean-American author Isabel Allende wrote with nostalgia and humor about her home country. A storyteller, she looked back at her life in Santiago. Reflected on her nomadic life, family, connection with Chile, and the country’s history.
  • Berlinale Special
    That special time of the year if you are a Berliner and movie enthusiast, as special as the extraordinary history of this city. To attend again last week the 73rd annual Berlin International Film Festival, for a 4th year in a row, was a great joy.