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  • Moments in Vienna
    Revisited a dear place. The Old meets the New in Vienna. Always a pleasure to return to this wonderful city, with something new to discover. Vienna Museum Quarter has a new rooftop bar and platform, Libelle MQ, at the top of the Leopold Museum.
  • Journey to Firenze, Toscana
    Tuscany is so beautiful, it has to be seen to be believed. The city of Florence is famous for its overwhelming art galleries and Michelangelo Renaissance sculptures in marble, but still, I was struck by the colors of vineyards, or sounds of the cypresses and of streets. Or the scented air with notes of leather, olive oil and amber perfume.
  • Taste of Bologna
    Best things to do in Italy all involve food. Bologna is at the center of Emilia-Romagna region, famous for Parmigiano-Reggiano, Mortadella and Prosciutto di Palma, but also aceto balsamico di Modena and much more. And to think I associated in the past the city only with pasta sauce and the Bologna university system, home of Europe oldest university.
  • Enjoy Berlin
    Berlin is not short of ways to enjoy the warmer months, in both Spring and Summer. Oldest beer garden and open air cinema. Museum and galleries, lakes and rooftops, bookshops and icecream.
  • Bonsoir Printemps, Strasbourg
    Voilà. I went last time to vibrant Strasbourg in a very warm weekend in February that made me think Spring is on its way. I remember I walked on a street called Rue de Printemp (Spring street) near the European Parliament. There is something romantic walking in any French city, but especially one with the name of a season.
  • Potsdam – Palaces & Parks
    Potsdam is a one day trip from Berlin, and is a city that invited exploration as it has 17 palaces spread across 3 parks from a Prussian royal heritage. The parks and palaces complex are today an UNESCO World site and a mix of styles with gardens inspired from many parts of the world – Greece, Italy, France or ancient Asia.
  • A day in Salzburg
    City of Mozart, Marzipan combined with pistachio, covered in dark chocolate, or Sound of Music? Besides Vienna, Austria has more beautiful cities, and Salzburg is one hidden treasure. Dream now, visit later.