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  • A day in Hallstatt
    I explored Hallstatt earlier this year and realized (once again) that many places have a beauty that cannot be contained in photos. Even though the end of summer was covered in sadness and grief, and I took my time to process, hopeful moments start to make room in my memory.
  • From Berlin to Prague
    My 100th post. To mark a change of settings, an easy train ride from Berlin until an Art Nouveau train station (Praha hlavní nádraží), an open air museum, a restaurant or two, a postcard moment and a stroll in beautiful Prague.
  • From Paris with Art
    What have I learned about art and time is not a lot, but here it is – c’est ici – Traveling, books, never stop learning, making time visiting museums, are all investments in myself – that help me see the bigger picture.
  • The Stockholm Archipelago
    Nature and sculptures. Playing with textures, framing the elements of nature in a photograph and creating a souvenir. Feeling at peace and at home near water. Had all these thoughts going through my Stockholm pictures from the Artipelag.
  • Stockholm reunion ~ Art & Fika
    Here we go again. This May, I spend a few days in Sweden and have been on a diet with cardamon buns and good coffee, with ABBA songs in my head. Honey honey! A friend reunion, museum visits, time in nature, plus a ferry between the 14 islands that make up the city of Stockholm.
  • Brussels briefing
    Briefing from the European capital – a promenade bruxelloise and Belgian days, years later, on memory lane, thinking in French. I could walk for hours in Bruxelles, among paths imprinted in my heart, in a city that felt like home from day one. Beautiful corners in places I’ve been with details I’ve never noticed, and moments I remember. And a thought – no matter the …
  • Something new in Frankfurt
    Something new, an old town and blue sky. Plus Apfelwein, handkäse, and why not, schnitzel with Frankfurt green sauce. Few of my notes during a spring day on Frankfurt am Main are below. Some call it Mainhatten for a reason, since is an international hub in Europe and the only city in Germany with skyscrapers, but for me will always be the city of books.