Shades of Orange

A few memories from a couple of days in Milan. Italy and the relaxed lifestyle makes me always reflect and photograph its stunning architecture.

Milan Cathedral


It was my 4th visit to bella Italia. I saw first the Milan Duomo and galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. I walked on Via Giuseppe Verdi and after that on random streets that seemed ordinary, but were filled with boutiques, libraries and beautiful building.

I might exaggerate, but every 5 minutes, on every street in the center you pass a “Palazzo” and each one has its story and architecture style, its history and is a piece of this city.

In a bookstore in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele I realized (once again) that Italian is the most beautiful language.

Fashion & coffee

Milan is particularly famous for Fashion. Hello, Fashion week! I saw many beautiful dressed woman. The mental notes I made involved many outfits. It truly is a city of fashion.

Italy is particularly famous for food and coffee. This trip best stop was at “Princi coffee”. I had a longer list of cafes and restaurants, but many were closed on Sunday and Monday. And others the whole month of August, the time I was there. So keep in mind when planning the trip.

Live as you dream

While in Milan, I casually went to visit Castello Sforzesco a fine Monday morning, and walked by stunning architecture.

Often, I found myself staring for minutes at Duomo di Milano, Teatro alla Scala and the gorgeous houses, and thinking about my life. And all the opportunities I found and did not miss.

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