Hamburg. A Day in the Life

There are so many ways to get to know a city or to have a good first overview. This time I took a long walk and then a boat. While I imagined how locals spend their Saturday and live their life in Hamburg.

Germany’s second city. First impressions.

Feel dangerously creative. I will come here more often.

I loved the most the feeling of seeing water everywhere with Elbe river and Alster lake. Plus the red-bricked buildings, the arhitecture and the concrete neighbourhood Hafencity that did not feel cold in a warm August day.

Next, I loved the Nordic feeling, but the closeness to Berlin. A touch of Amsterdam. Due to the bridges and to the aesthetic window displays. That they greet you with “moin”, short from Morgen. The Beatles references. The musicals. Maybe was just my imagination.

In my life. Best 7 decisions I took in Hamburg

1. Yesterday. Sweet pastry

Starting the day with a franzbrötchen, a sweet pastry served in Hamburg. As if a cinnamon bun met a croissant. Yummy.

2. Here Comes the Sun. Jungfernstieg

Continued with a walk in the sun and than in the shade on the promenade on the edge of the Alster lake, called Jungfernstieg.

3. Something. Rathausplatz

First official stop was in Rathausplatz to visit Rathaus *aka the City hall. The building from 1886 is build the Renaissance style, after the plans of 7 architects.

The doors are open for visitors and the impressive entrance hall hosts a photo exhibition. This time was an exhibition about the long tradition of the companies from Hamburg that worked together to improve the city.

4. While my Guitar Gently Weeps. Elbphilharmonie – new cultural landmark

The works for the impressive building started in 2007 and lasted 10 years. Many scandals and millions of euro over-budget later, the concert hall opened its doors finally. When I moved to Germany, I remember how many discussions and articles where in the press about this topic.

Now people seem to have forgotten and enjoy the new kid on the block. Many travel to Hamburg especially to attend a concert at here. The Plaza inside is a public area accessible for all visitors. Even though there was not had enough time for a concert, was still worth a visit to admire the arhitecture, the view over Hamburg and the white, light curvy design of the Plaza.

5. All you need is Love. And Food. From Portugal

From Elbphi we took the ferry just one stop until the neighboourhood St Pauli. A good way to admire the building and Hambrg from the river. The next ferry stop (part of the local transport btw) is Landungsbrücken, called also the Portuguese neighborhood.

We had a delicious fresh fish at restaurant Porto. Another place called Oh Lisbon was nearby, and it was an extremely warm and sunny day, so sometimes I found myself thinking I am in Portugal.

And one stopp for coffee and dessert ‘pastel de nata’ at Café pastelaria Cristal, where the waiter spoke with me only in Spanish while I was replying in German. I wonder why, maybe due to my tan I looked Spanish?

6. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. More bricks in Neustadt

More red-bricked buildings with green doors admired while walking by the canals and with a visit at Chile Haus, an office building absolutely spectacular.

I forgot to tell you that the city center is separated between Altstradt (old town) and Neustadt (new town). Neustadt is not that new, but while walking there I noticed elegant houses with dark brown bricks this time and all of them with white windows frame and black doors. Perfection!

7. Let it be. Fashion in Karoviertel

The Karoviertel area for fashion and with vintage shops was the last stop this time. Hot Dogs is a veritable museum of vintage and of negociations. And I didn’t left emply handed.

Yellow Submarine

Hello Goodbye. Left 3 things to do for the next time

Definitely a jazz concert at Elbphilharmonie, followed by a visit to the quarter Schanzenviertel, the place where I heard locals preffer to go for a night out, as an insider told me.

Fish market Sunday morning at Altona Fischauktionshalle, a glass-roofed that I only admired from far from the ferry. Also, from rumours only I know is the after party following Saturday night.

And why not, check were the Beatles played. Their song names was my inspiration for the Travel log. Used with the kindly permission of the internet 🙂

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