Wonderful Istria

In just a few intense days, last August we hiked through a protected national park, swam among salty rocks and dived inside a cave, we had liquor and truffles tasting experiences. We ate and had Istrian wine again and again.

This was my conclusion and how I remember Croatian Istria.

Now the beginning.

Even though I previously visited Dubrovnik, I feel this time I saw a different side of Croatia.

Our host Jasmina had a full itinerary in mind. I admired how well she knows her region. She is always smiling and in general is very positive, but when she talks about Istria, the smile gets even more wider. That’s powerful. And inspiring.

Croatians are strong willed and proud of their country, and the whole world saw this during that summer of 2018.

A little place in time

We went exactly after Croatia played the final at the World Cup against France. Everybody was still in a good mood. How wonderful!


Jasmina showed us in less than 5 days so much: Rijeka, Buzet, Draguc, Rovinj, coble stone town of artist Groznjan, charming Momjan, smallest cute city Hum, and Buje for wine tasting.

Day 1. August 18, 2018. Woke up in Berlin and swam in Croatia

Arrived in Krk island around noon time, but went directly to Rijeka. Had a coffee ‘kava’, explored Rijeka, went to the beach, swam in a sea for the first time that year (!), had dinner and saw the sunset. Perfect!

Day 2. Woke up in Buzet

Draguć, a small fortified village was our first stop. I remember about Draguć a viewpoint over Istria and a wedding dress moment. Probably the city was still asleep after the wedding party.

Next destination was directly to the beach having in front the view of Rovinj. Ate there on rocks, saw the city, the harbor and the beautiful old town of Rovinj at sunset.

Day 3. Monday. Grožnjan. Momjan

First of all, I was wearing a beautiful wrap dress, so was a good day. We started in Grožnjan, city of music and artists. And what a medieval well preserved city.

We had a coffee with 2 ingredients: with ice cream and with a view. At lunch in Momjan, I finally tried the local pasta with truffles. Also my tasty souvenir. Washed it later when we went to Buje for a wine tasting

Day 4 – Colors of Istria

Are infinite blue and wild green.

What a day – that we started early to explore Buzet. Afterwards we went to Hum, the smallest town with 23 inhibitors and own alphabet letters, but with 2 souvenirs shops.

Than we headed to the southern tip of Istria to Cape Kamenjak, in a natural protected park located on the Premantura peninsula. Swimming in the cave, enjoying the view, while thinking I should have brought with me shoes made for walking into extremely rocky waters.

Even though we already did more than most people would do in a day, we still went to Pola to meet Mia. Visit included walking around the city and stopping at Mia’s gallery for souvenirs. Ended the trip with dinner in Fasan.

Last day is just good-bye ‘kava’ in Poreč before a plane needs to be boarded in Treviso, Italy.

Arrived in Frankfurt Airport and went by ICE to Stuttgart.

The end!

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