Erasmus revisited. Copenhagen

Applying and receiving an Erasmus scholarship in Denmark at 19 years old I actually received wings. 10 years feels like a lifetime and is beautiful to look back where it all started.

End of August 2009 (while in Contanta)

Back in 2009, I never imagined that Copenhagen would be the 3rd capital I visit, after Bucharest and Athens, but life rarely happens as we imagine.

To start, two of my first travel photography attempts years ago in Denmark, the country where I had my Erasmus scholarship. Since then, I discovered and admired the Scandinavian culture, dreamed of Danish designs and understood the concept of “hygge” (well-being, tranquility and comfort offered by small moments or things).

As I read thoughts from my old journal, I noticed I was writing often that Denmark is clean, and civilized and quiet. When I started studying in Odense, hometown of Hans Christian Andersen, I was having always the impression I am living in a dream, being very thankful, back when mindfulness was not a popular concept.

While in Copenhagen (September 2019)

From a little fishing village to an elegant Royal capital. My overall perception is that if Copenhagen were a person, it would be a confident cool woman, dressed as a Santorialist street style model. Basically my friend that I visited, Elina.

The plan for a Saturday

– Danish bakery. Cinnamon roll. Or just cinnamon and cardamon

Important Danish word – Kanelsnegl

– Walk from Østerport to see the classics: Little Mermaid and Kastellet, Royal Amalienborg Palace, the Old city, Marble church and the beautiful Opera House. Copenhagen is such a walkable city

– Maybe see Noma from the outside :). Former location and the new one. Location below

– Ferry trip to Refshaleøen island, an old industrial area, a different face of Scandinavia, more rough and rustic. Elina took me for lunch at “La Banchina”, where we had fish with pumpkin purée at a table outside, looking at people jumping in the water in that cold, still sunny September day. Fyi, the new Noma location is in this area. Done 🙂

– Coffee break at 108. Souvenirs shopping and picture moment in the old harbor, Nyhavn, with colored townhouses.

– Stroll on Stroget for high end fashion and Danish design shops. And a rooftop view from Ilum.

– To call it a day, dinner at Llama restaurant. Latin America inspired food, with Scandinavian design, that won an Interior Design award. I am still thinking at that “fish tacos” and “lime halibut ceviche”. Fish was a theme this trip.

Address: Lille Kongensgade 141074 København

Back in Berlin

I thought it will be a very emotional weekend. In the end it was not. Still, Kastrup Airport is the airport I arrived after my first flight in 2009. And that Friday night, 10 years later, in the airport and in the center of Copenhagen I was looking around me and feeling very lucky.

We are all the people we met. All the meaningful conversations we had. And all the places we’ve been.

And I am so glad that after all these years traveling, I still get to feel the same happy emotion when I arrive in a new place or revisiting an old good friend.

Maybe I was just under the influence of Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

Life must be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

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