My Year 2019

As we are wrapping the year 2019 and a decade, I was reflecting these days at what I have achieved & what I have learned. In 2019, this online travel journal was opened. And I had a new start in Berlin.

In 2019, 6 countries, 5 capitals, 14 cities. Moved to Berlin. Almost 40 stories published.

A new decade is starting. And what a challenging and beautiful decade is ending! The 35 posts published contain a glimpse of my travels, memories and thoughts from the last 10 years.

According to the statistics, the top 5 most read in 2019 and some lessons below:

1. Full circle

I used to imagine that life and career are a ladder. But now I see them as one painting: beautiful, bold, lively, but also uneven, dark, rough and changing.


2. Stuttgart. Food for thought

I learned a lot about myself. And how determined I am. And that my former Swabians colleagues were very generous and kind. Mircea Eliade, a Romanian author, said that „miracles are everywhere, we just have to see them.“

3. Erasmus revisited. Copenhagen

Receiving an Erasmus scholarship in Denmark at 19 years old I actually received wings! Now I saw that we become all the places we have been and the people we have met. Is beautiful to look back where it all started. And I am so glad that after all these years traveling, I still get to feel the same happy emotion when I arrive in a new place or revisiting an old good friend.

4. Dear Bucharest

I belong to several cities thanks to my destiny of choice of a vagabond. But I never experienced the feeling living in Bucureşti– belonging, that I could easily fit in, but still be free and on a journey.

5. Food Journal in Puglia

In all my Italian trips I felt I travel with a reason and I fell in love with their lifestyle and relaxation. I learned a lot about friendship & reunions, about myself and what I like, about good food, history and experiences. In Fasano, Puglia – spending that Saturday evening like local Italians, watching the local handball team win and eating homemade pizza for dinner was an unforgettable experience.

Looking at the titles of the most read posts, I understand better now why food bloggers are very popular 🙂

And lastly, important, this decade gave me royal Brussels and surreal Belgian years, for both I am so grateful.

Happy New Year!


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