Oslo Opera House

From different cities there are moments, people and places that stay with us. When I think of Oslo, I remember first the Opera House. I never saw till this day a more impressive modern Opera. I haven’t been to Sydney yet, and the Copenhagen Opera is also contemporary. But I dare to say this one in Oslo is one of a kind.

I visited Oslo while I was an Erasmus student in Denmark. We had a autumn break and Ryanair really cheap tickets were just starting, so we went to London and to Olso for the one week we had school holiday. We had so many opportunities. Really, the world was our oyster. As a note to myself – we still do have many opportunities, we only need to look for them!

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Oslo Fjord

Arriving without expectations, my first impression about Oslo is that the city is very elegant. A bit cold. But beautiful. You know, Scandinavian.

Walking from Oslo Central station to our accommodation I was admiring the diverse architecture. And I noticed quickly the city is also expensive. I realized I found a country more expensive than Denmark… is it Norway.

Norway means also fjords, ports and blue water. And the Opera House is next to the waters of the Olso Fjord, in central neighborhood Bjørvika.

Oslo Opera House

The new Opera House (Operahuset) is the home of Norvegian National Opera and Ballet since April 2008.

In a contemporary style, the building was designed in a way to make the roof accessible to everyone. From the ground floor, the “inclined” roof can be reached just by walking. Thus, the roof became a public viewing platform and the Snøhetta architects are behind the design. And the view is beautiful.

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Before the Opera we saw Park Vigeland with 212 granite and bronze sculptures. The extremely expressive (some even erotic) sculptures were the creation of Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland.

I want to go away, oh so far, far away.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Norwegian poet

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