Venice – La Biennale 2020

September. Movies. Bella Italia. From today until the 12th of September, the 77th edition of the Biennale Cinema di Venezia will be held. The Venice Film Festival is promoting international cinema in all forms “as art, entertainment and as an industry.”

In the official program of the Festival, this year 63 films from around the world are included. And 18 movies are in the competition for the “Golden Lion” at “Lido di Venezia”.

Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.

Truman Capot

Biennale Venezia has several departments, next to Cinema: Art, Architecture, Dance, Music and not least, Theatre. Must be amazing to experience the Biennale taking over the Palazzos and galleries of Venice.

One of the best memories from this year is the Berlinale – Film Festival. To honor and mark in my way also the Venice Film festival, I have included below a few pictures made by me during my visit. I was lucky to have visited Venice some years ago, at the end of August, right before the trip to Verona.

Postcards from the past

After a flight from Brussels at sunset, we arrived at night. Went for a walk to see the city and Grand Canale and saw the lights, the moon and the bridges reflecting in the water. And saw many masks!

I remember the next day was such a warm summer one, and while exploring Piazza San Marco, Ponte di Rialto, Doges Palace, the Bridge of Sighs or getting lost in the little streets of the Jewish quarter, I felt instantly this city seems from another world.

To my delight, I noticed how the life is organized differently than the rest of the continent, and even the post is delivered by water! Then I learned colorful Venice is located on an island of 117 islands connected by bridges!

Read also the Condè Nast Traveler guide for Venice, always an inspiration

Dreaming about a prolonged summer in Italy now to see those blue shades again and for a visit at Caffè Florian.

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