Dubrovnik. Postcards from the past

Remembering summer days in the Dalmatian coast. Sunset on a isolated Saint Jakub beach, Croatian wines between the walls of Dubrovnik on Stradun, piano concert during the Summer festival, sightseeing, red-brick roofs and turquoise water, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, trips to Srd mountain and Island of Lokrum.

In this part of Croatia I spend a week a few summers ago and I remembered perfectly the Old Port and visiting the famous Dubrovnik walls that surround the Old City. We went at the perfect time at sunset with a city ticket that costs 200 kuna from the website.

Isolated beach St Jakub is hard to find and is Dubrovnik’s best kept secret. Not many people know about it, so this should stay between ourselves.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The annul summer festival cannot be missed, with ballet, live concerts and plays in various locations as Sponza Palace Atrium, Old City Port, parks or in front of the Cathedral. I attended a piano concert by Yuri Favorin at the Rector’s Palace Atrium.

Game of cats

Game of Thrones references cannot miss since the show made the former republican of Ragusa and Croatia even more famous.

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