Memories – “Aida” in Verona

Even though Verona is known for tragical Romeo & Juliet of Shakespeare, what I remember from that holiday are pumpkin ravioli, pecorino cheese, tiramisu, lake Garda, stunning architecture and opera. Yes, Italian opera! Is so easy to keep finding reasons to return to Italy, right?!

My first visit in Italy was years ago, with a trip up north in Venice and Verona in the Veneto area. We went there at the invitation of a friend, who was working back than at the Arena di Verona. We arrived at Piazza Bra, largest Piazza and saw Aida de Verdi. Was perfect.

In Piazza Bra. First night arriving in Verona
  • Recommend dinner reservations at Osteria Giulietta e Romeo (Corso Sant’Anastasia, 27, 37121 Verona). Is where I ordered the memorable pumpkin ravioli
  • Must have an aperitivo & antipasti in the center of Verona as a light dinner
  • Visit at Castelvecchio (The Old Castle)
  • Tickets at Aida in Verona, summer 2020 at Arena di Verona
  • Trip to Lake Garda
  • Fine, a stop of the books at Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House)

“Aida” de Verdi

What I can remember from that August night at the opera is that it was exceptional. I can briefly tell you the story. In Ancient Egypt, a love story takes place between Radames, a young warrior and Aida, the captured daughter of the Ethiopian king. 4 acts, battles, Triumphal March and a tragic end. But I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Is Monday. I will leave pictures for the rest. For me Verona is the city of opera.

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