Something new in Frankfurt

Something new, an old town and blue sky. Plus Apfelwein, handkäse, and why not, schnitzel with Frankfurt green sauce. Few of my notes during a spring day on Frankfurt am Main are below. Some call it Mainhatten for a reason, since is an international hub in Europe and the only city in Germany with skyscrapers, but for me will always be the city of books.

Sunday walk started with blue sky in the reconstructed Altstadt (old town) in the Römersberg square with the medieval building Römer, Rathaus (city hall) and the St. Nicholas church.

Short walk from here to Eiserner Steg, to admire the Main river and the new district, on a bridge that connects the centre of Frankfurt with the Sachsenhausen area.

Quick stop for lunch at the Kleinmarkthalle, covered market hall, where even locals go. An a longer stop for dinner at a restaurant in Sachsenhausen area for local Apfelwein, handkäse (German sour milk cheese and a culinary speciality of the region) and schnitzel with Frankfurt green sauce made from 5 herbs, plus Frankfurter Kranz, if there is room left for dessert.

Lastly, somehow I always associated the city with books. I remember that my first visit in Frankfurt was specials and was not work or interview related. It was to see the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest trade fair for books.

Hope to write soon also about the visit to Goethe House and the views from Frankfurter Cathedral or Main Tower. Tschüss for now

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