KulturForum – Deutsch mit Kunst

KulturForum in Berlin. We need to talk! – German with Art. Wir müssen reden! – Deutsch mit Kunst. Learning in Berlin Art museums, or what I do in my free time in order to improve my German.

KulturForum is a cultural complex in Berlin, with museums, concert halls and libraries, near the Tiergarden park and Potsdamer Platz. In the past it was just west of the former Berlin Wall, after the Museum Island and all cultural assets remained in the east side.

Among favorite cultural institutions in KulturForum are:

  • Berliner Philarmoniker, Chamber Music Hall and the Musical Instrument Museum
  • Gemäldegalerie or Old Masters Painting
  • Neue Nationalgalerie for modern art
  • Both Berlin State Library and the Art Library (Kunstbibliotek)
  • Museum of Decorative Arts, with a fantastic permanent collection about Fashion through centuries and, at the moment hosting also the temporary“How to Dior” exhibition.

Neue National Galerie

The New National Gallery is dedicated to the Modern Art of the 20th century and my favorite visit in the Forum during the German classes. This building planned in the 60s is the only one in Europe designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The outdoor sculpture garden was inspired by New York’s MoMa.

Interestingly enough, here the paintings and sculptures are displayed together, and arranged accordingly to style, not chronologically, including:

  • Ludwig Kirchner’s Expressionist Berlin street scenes
  • Pablo Picasso – Stilleben auf einem Klavier / Still Life on a piano
  • “For the Surrealists, dreams were decisive.” Salvador Dali imaginary vision and my favorite painter, René Magritte – Der Áquator / The Equator
  • Amazing Constantin BrâncușiVogel im Raum / Bird in Space
  • Edward Munch soul painting
  • Christian Schad – Sonja. Berlin café in 1928. This portrait is considered an icon of New Objectivity. Oder der Neuen Sachlichkeit.

Instead of conclusion; goals

Between paintings, music, discussions, assignments, grammar corrections or modalverben, Berlinale movies, surrounded by culture, I get closer to my goal here in Berlin.

Die Kunst ist zwar nicht das Brot, aber der Wein des Lebens.

Jean Paul

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