Brâncuși Week & The Endless Column

Art inspired from Romanian mythology and traditions and carved in wood, sandstone and later bronze or marble. From Târgu-Jiu and Bucharest to Paris, via Munich until New York. Every year, on the 19th of February, a tribute is paid to honor the memory of genius artist Constantin Brâncuși, pioneer of modern sculpture. But the Brâncuși Week starts today.

To see far is one thing, going there is another

Constantin Brâncuși
Photographer and sculptor Constantin Brâncuși in Paris

The long road to international recognition of a talented young man started with a trip from Bucharest to Paris, via Munich. He continued to work hard in Paris, first with Augustin Rodin, and the alone in this studio, until displaying pieces of his abstract arts in New York museums.

Work of Art

Fascinated by his work, I was so happy to visit his Sculptural Ensemble at Târgu-Jiu park in Golj, Romania. Not far from his hometown of Hobita, three sculptures can be admired freely in the Targu-Jiu city park: The Endless Column (Coloana Infinitului) and The Ensemble: The Table of Silence (Masa Tăcerii) and The Gate of the Kiss (Poarta sărutului).

The Endless Column symbolizes the concept of infinity and the sacrifice of soldiers, while the Table of Silence is a symbol for time.

Legacy with 215 sculptures

Visiting L’atelier Brancusi in Paris next to Centre Pompidou was another dream come true. There we can see a glimpse of his former studio and many famous pieces – a smaller version of “The Endless Column” or “The Infinity Column”, and Bird in space.

Other of his works of art are Portrait of Mademoiselle Pogany, Sleeping Muse or The Kiss, his first major work.

Collections hosted in many parts of world, including:

  • In Bucharest, at the National Museum of Art of Romania (MNAC)
  • In Paris at his “atelier” or studio, near Centre Pompidou, that became today “Musée National d’art moderne »
  • In New York at Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET)
  • At Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Albertina Museum in Vienna
  • Kunsthalle Hamburg
  • Tate Modern in London
  • The New Gallery in Berlin.

This week will be celebrated the 145th anniversary since the birth of the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși.

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