Brussels briefing

Briefing from the European capital – a promenade bruxelloise and Belgian days, years later, on memory lane, thinking in French. I could walk for hours in Bruxelles, among paths imprinted in my heart, in a city that felt like home from day one. Beautiful corners in places I’ve been with details I’ve never noticed, and moments I remember.

And a thought – no matter the choice, if we leave or return, we’ll always miss something.

Soufflé bruxelloise

Bruxelles, Avril 2022. De retour

On Day 1, is art o’clock since I walked along Rue Royale, near Parc de Bruxelles and BOZAR (Palais des Beaux-Arts), until reaching Ravenstein Gallery, Place Royale and Mont des Arts. From there I arrived shortly on Rue du Pepin through Rue de Namur. And I walked just from memory on Avenue Toison D’or and Avenue Louise to my former French school.

Après, just as old times, under an umbrella, I admired and photographed in the rain many Art nouveau houses until Châtelain Square. From Victor Horta museum on rue Américaine I took the tram 92 to see the Palace of Justice and the panorama at sunset at Place Poelart.

Took the Ascenseur des Marolles and via Rue Haute, I revisited favorite Grand Sablon, filled with vintage boutiques and chocolateries. Jolie Place du Petite Sablon is a little gem with a small park surrounded by statues, overlooking the Centuries-old Gotic Église Notre-Dame des Victoires.

Formidable Grand Place and Gallery of Saint Hubert, plus Sainte Catherine and St Gery areas were explored in the evening lights. Had to stop by for a waffle and pieces of dark chocolate. Since Horta designed in Art Deco both BOZAR and the central train station, I had to take a short detour at the end to Gare Centrale, where many of my trips actually started. Full circle.

Quick stops for lunch, ou petite pause café at favorites Pain quotidian, Paul, Jat Café, Maison Dandoi and of course, Exk. Catching up with old and new friends at OR Café and Grand Central. Sadly I noticed that some places closed, as the pandemic and time did left traces.

Day 2, I arrive in the European quarter via St Boniface. The European Parliament in Place Luxembourg, where I started my European professional journey, plus the European Commission in Place Schuman. And in already green Park Leopold, I saw a new place, House of European History, many cherry blossoms and Place Jourdan.

Finalement, in Etterbeek, I enjoyed another walk in the Park Cincuantainaire near Merode, the starting point of many marathon races. And lastly, I paid a visit to House Cauchie, the first Art Nouveau house I visited years ago during a Nocturnes event. One more circle closed.

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