Amazing Timișoara in 24 Hours

Heading West today to Timișoara, the 3rd largest city of Romania. Still left to explore in this part of the country. Near the borders with Serbia and Hungary, Timisoara is beautiful and full of surprises. For generations, Romanians have lives here alongside Serbs, Germans, Croats or Hungarians. The city was chosen as the 2023 European Capital of culture and is truly a touristic destination.

Even though I wished I had more time to visit the city, I remember my walk from Piața Unirii (Union Square), with colorful and preserved Baroque buildings, until I reached Piața Victoriei or Victory square, via historic Piața Libertății – Libery square. This is the real Victory square, where the anti-communism 1989 Revolution began.

I loved Timișoara and the people I met there, and hope to discover soon more parts of the city.

Good to know

  • Piata Unirii is the most beautiful baroque square in Romania and is the heart of the city
  • The Roman-Catholic Dome was built by an Architect from Vienna, Joseph Emanuel Fisher von Erlach. Many buildings are in the Secessionist style. Perhaps that’s why the city is called Little Vienna?!
  • Victory Square, the original one in Romania, is the cultural heart of the city, with theaters, museums and many palaces, including the Palace of Culture or Weiss Palace
  • One part of the Victory square hosts the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Opera is at the opposite side, connected by the Corso promenade on the right side, and Surogat on the left
  • The Metropolitan Cathedral from Victory square is one of the biggest Orthodox Churches in the country
  • Timișoara has many parks and is called also “the city of flowers”. Thanks to a mild climate all year, green oasis in the center are both Roses Park near Bega river and the Botanic Park
  • Lastly, the city was chosen one of the 2023 European Capital of culture, holding the title together with two other cities: Veszprem from Hungary and Elefsina, Greece.
Union Square
Victory square
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Timișoara, city of culture

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