A world without walls

This week of 4-10 November 2019 is a very special one in the German capital because it celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall with “storytelling” events and art. I am still processing this week and the 6 months since I live here.

9 November 1989

The Peaceful Revolution that ended the Cold War started 30 years ago. 10.957 days. Is being said the first border crossings to open was at Bornholmer Strasse.

To mark this occasion, 7 open-air storytelling exhibitions “were planned at historic locations in Berlin.”

  • Kurfürstendamm
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Schlossplatz
  • Alexanderplatz
  • Gethsemane Church
  • East Side Gallery
  • the former Stasi headquarter

Brandeburg Gate

A large-scale art installation by American artist Patrick Shearn at the Brandenburg Gate showcases 30,000 messages of peace from residents in Germany floating above the Straße des 17. Juni from November 4th under the title: “Visions in Motion.

Durch Mauer gehen ~ Walking through walls

I remember very well the Vernissage at a beautiful Gropius Wall in September. The exhibition to remind us that „is in the nature of walls one day to fall“, real or invisible, metaphorical walls and psychological ones.

Wall are inside us. Walls are real and invisible.


For the citizens of East Berlin disappointing followed the euphoria after the first weeks when reality kicked in. I am glad the exhibition focuses also on all emotions that are part of life – the disappointment, illusions, joy, grief, acceptance.

9 November 2019

One thought

Those events shaped the city of today. I can’t believe that this city where I live was once divided and I am glad we are always reminded how fast freedom can be lost.

How a foreign city became familiar and important. Almost home.

To be continued

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