Baden Baden is beautiful beautiful

Lovely city. Beautiful as the name. Baden Baden is a spa town and perfect day or weekend trip from Stuttgart during autumn.

Black Forest

Baden Baden is all about good location. The city is considered as the northern gate to the Black Forest. And is only 40 kilometers to the city of Strasbourg.

But my advice is not to consider this a small Black Forest city and don’t underestimate the distance from the main train station to the city center. I took a bus and the bus took more than 20 minutes. Something I wish I would have read somewhere before the trip.

Lichtentaler Allee

The Old town is very cute and well preserved, but the highlights of the trip were the State Theater and the area called Lichtentaler Allee where I took all these pictures.

On the Oos river, Lichtentaler Allee is a 2.3 kilometer path in a park and a garden.

A hidden gem in Baden-Württenberg.

Ceiling couture at the State Opera Baden Baden

Sweet November

In Germany usually the month of October is called “the golden October”, but last year the autumn was surprisingly warm, and these pictures from November are a proof.

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