Bucharest. Part 2

The Festival George Enescu at the Atheneum lasts a month every 2 years in September and is without doubt the biggest cultural manifestation that Bucharest has at the moment.

Romanian Rhapsody

I associate Bucharest with the feeling of nostalgia and with the music of composer George Enescu because when I moved here the Festival was in full bloom, with concerts in front the Atheneum, inside the metro stations and in mobile stages in the city center. The theme used to be “Magic exists”.

More decisions

At Aviatorilor stop, stay for a visit at National Village Museum – an open air museum where you can pretend for a minute to be in other regions of Romania like Maramureș, Bucovina or Dobrogea.

Traditional blouse, tunic and pattern

Coffee breaks

Coffee at Origo, one of the first specialty coffee shops, now also a co-working space, and Simbio for coffee and cake or brunch. 

Last December Georgiana, my best friend from University, took me to “Beans & dots”, a café and a concept store in a former print shop. Tip – nearby is beautiful Cismigiu Gardens, a little oasis in the urban landscape.

New places are in town since I moved. My friends with good taste in coffee seem to be raving about Beans & dots, but also:

📌 Origo: Strada Liscani 9

📌 Simbio: Strada Negustori 26

📌 Beans & dots: Strada Ion Brezoianu 27

For a sweet tooth, I woukd go to Chocolat, historical Casa Capșa and French Recolution. 

📌 Chocolat: Strada Episcopiei 6

📌 Casa Capșa: Calea Victoriei 36

📌 French Revolution: Strada Constantin Esarcu 1

To Beans & dots


In the city center is best to walk, but definitely hop on the subway when in Bucharest. The city is very big and the metro is an affordable and convenient alternative, as long as you avoid the early morning and 18 o’clock.

Universitate metro, Unirea and Piața Victoriei will be your friends and main go to stations.

Inside the Palace of Parliament


InterContinental Hotel at Universitate is the first skyscraper in the city. Also, to be based between the Ateneum or Cișmigiu Gradens is a good idea. 

And if you want to choose an AirBnB, the most chic neighborhoods are Parcul Carol, Grădina Icoanei and Dorobanți, all 3 in proximity to the city center, still with a charmingly local feeling.

One last thought. I can’t imagine living a different life than the one I live today, but I can’t help to wonder. How would my life have been if I stayed? Is a conforting feeling to know Bucharest will alway be there.

Same conclusion as in Part 1 – Write me please if you have any question or you plan to visit. Talking about Bucharest is a favorite topic of mine. Is pretty amazing, right?

Mulțumesc / Thank you for reading

3 thoughts on “Bucharest. Part 2

  1. In love with these two articles.
    And I also believe that you have a special skill of feeling at home in many cities and finding the best parts about each one.

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