Baltic Coast

A train away from Berlin is the Baltic Sea (Ostsee). Windy and beautiful Northern Germany. I woke up missing the sea, so I booked a direct IC train to Rostock with a first stop in Warnemünde.


Seaside resort and busy harbour, Warnemünde made me remember my hometown at the Black Sea and my childhood. I don’t want to forget those summers, the sunsets, concerts on the beach and moments by the sea.

I started the day taking a walk on the Alter Strom promenade, with typical old fisherman houses turned into restaurant or hotels. Alte Strom (Old Channel) leads to the oldest Warnemünde Lighthouse and to the 15 kilometers long sandy beach.

My only souvenirs from the trip are photographs and the memory of drinking a cup of coffee while listening to the sea.

The direct train takes around 2 hours and can be booked from the Deutsche Bahn website.


Rostock is the capital of the German “land” or federal state with the longest possible name – Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania.

The city has one of the oldest university in Northern Europe and a beautifully preserved old town. I enjoyed visiting the Baroque Neuer Markt, University square, church Marienkirche, the Gothic Town hall, and former gates that remind you of its past as a fortress – Kröpeliner Tor and Steintor.

Rostock used to be an important trading city of the formet East Germany and was part of the Hanseatic league of the North and Baltic sea.

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