Full circle

This picture is from 2014 when I was living in Brussels and I had no idea I will get to move to Germany. And one day even work in Berlin.

Even though I study German since I am 8 years old, was never my dream to live here. My journey was more full of life than I anticipated or imagined it would be.

Third and final interview was exactly a month ago.

Since 2011, I had 3 jobs and an internship, but have been though hundreds of applications, dozens of interviews, unemployment and many rejections.

Growing up I always projected my life and career as a clear path. Or as a ladder. Something linear, straight, filled with clichés from movies. In reality is a journey full of opportunities, struggles, challenges, where honoring dreams requires hard and constant work.

Next stop

Now I see my profession and life as a painting – beautiful, bold, deep, lively, patterned, but also uneven, dark, broken, rough, changing as the paintings created in 1989 by artist from all over the world on the remains of the Berlin wall, the same year I was born.

And I will remember my journey every time I will pass by the East Side Gallery.

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