Walking in Rome

All the roads lead to Rome for a reason. Lately – more was less. The walks, architecture, history, the beauty and all the impressive food in between. This city has it all.

Rome you experience and then write home about.

Roman moments

After paying a visit to Piazza Venezia, Trinità dei Monti for the view and classic Piazza di Spagna with its baroque Spanish steps, it was time for a quick stop to marvel at the beauty that is Fontana di Trevi. Luckily not in renovations this time. Architectural beauty alla romana.

With a detour by the water near Tiber river to Castel Sant’Angelo and Trastevere through Ponte Sisto, where I felt we stepped back in time. Walking in Rome in spring when the city is in full bloom and green was so beautiful. Full of color and life.

But just like Audrey Hepburn in “Roman holiday”, I found myself a couple of times near the imposing Pantheon and nearby, in Piazza Navona, my favorite part of the city, the center of Rome for me. And near food worth traveling for. Plus, in beautiful Piazza Navona I admired for minutes the Fountain of the Four Rivers and entered the 17th-century baroque church of Sant’Agnese.

Roman food

Some moments stayed with me. A simple, yet memorable breakfast at a pasticceria in Piazza Fiume – first a savory snack, than a cornetto with appricot jam, plus strong coffee to start the day.

Perfect spaghetti Cacio et Pepe with fresh pasta, Pecorino Romano and peper at recommended CiPASSO Bistrot on Via Metastasio 21. In the heart of Rome, a contemporary place, still with a traditional menu, in a historic building, that brings you sweets on the house with the bill.

Later, one couldn’t go wrong in Rome with a stop at Ciampini Caffè in Piazza di Santo Lorenzo to enjoy a gelato di pistacchio e limone, followed by an espresso at the busy bar. Ending the day with pizza al taglio for dinner – al fresco – after the warm rain, near a garden of roses.


Now I like to travel and then write quietly, thinking about how a place made me feel. Rome is a city to experience and than write home about. Couldn’t help but remember my first trip here, many years ago, packed with moments at the epic Colosseum, Forum Romanum, Palatine Hill, Villa Borghese Park, Trastevere, Basilica San Piedro and the Vatican Museum with the Sistine Chapel. I appreciate it even more today.

So much left to learn and feel.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Take it easy. Enjoy your day. Visit the museum. Walk past ancient buildings and palazzos. Find a hidden gem. Shop a little. Admire the artwork. Order the pasta. Pause for pastries. Have one more espresso at the bar. Eat authentic gelato. Drink limoncello.

My kind of trip.

“Rome is not like any other
city. It’s a big museum, a
living room that shall be
crossed on one’s toes.

Alberto Sordi

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