Hamburg favorite

I think it doesn’t matter how often I have been to Hamburg, three or maybe more times, this is a city if you revisit, there is something new to explore and photograph. Days are getting longer and warmer, and I’ll take any excuse for a trip.


My summary of today was written as a short travel note. I love that I am starting to have favorite spots and places in Hamburg, as warehouse district Speicherstadt (UNESCO World Heritage Site) with red brick buildings and green park Planten un Blomen. And always a cinnamon franzbrötchen from the bakery “franz & friends”, this time also with cherries.

Plus a favorite activity on water – to go with a ferry from Elbphilharmonie named after the Elbe River. Fondly nicknamed Elbphi by locals. This building is more than a concert hall. In my eyes is a cultural landmark, a symbol of the city and a work of Art due to its architectural splendor. The curvy design fits so well in the district of Hamburg, the water and the sky reflecting perfectly in the blue glass.

Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen is a public park, located next to an old botanical garden that I discovered once on the way to Café “Schöne Aussicht”, that quickly became my favorite park in Hamburg.

Somehow Hamburg seemed a little cold and industrial during my first visit, but last few times I saw another face of it, many parks and especially was interesting to see locals cycling through bridges on the water, looking like they own their city. After all, this is the 3rd largest harbor in Europe after Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Hamburg. A Day in the Life

First visit inspired by Beatles song titles, while I imagined how locals spend their Saturday and live their life in Hamburg.

Hamburg revisited

One year and a lockdown later the return when I made new discoveries – including neighborhoods Blankenese and Altona, and lastly, Stadthöfen / New Wall.

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