Before Christmas in Bucharest

This December in Bucharest, I went for a walk in the city center and came across spectacular Christmas decorations in two historical restored buildings. One new favorite sight was discovered by accident and the second one on purpose.

My first stop was the Marmorosch Hotel, monument building with a history of over 100 years. And at Mița Biciclista we can admire a restored house from the interwar period, back in vogue.

1. Old Town – The Marmorosch Bucharest

The Marmorosch Hotel (Doamnei Street) is the former Marmorosch Bank. The monument building has a history of around 110 years. The outside of the palace has a mixture of byzantine and gothic styles, while the interior has both Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements.

Luckily this jewel building was recently restored by a team of talented architects. Here are without a doubt, in a twist everyone saw coming, most extraordinary Christmas decorations that I have seen this year. Inside the hotel, the holiday story continues with a beautiful decorated tree.

As I read on website, the baroque Christmas themed installation in front of the hotel is “the result of the creative process of the Lithuanian florist designer Mantas Petruškevičius, founder of the Flower Couture studio.” The spectacular decorations include chandeliers, stags and deers.

Plus, in the Voult Bar, the guest can enjoy a drink in an unique setting, the actual vault of the former Marmorosch Bank. As described on their website, “the interior design has retained as many authentic details as possible: from the original safes to the armored vault door.”

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2. Casa Mița Biciclista

At Mița Biciclista House (Street Cristian Tell 9-11) we can discover a building from the interwar period, in an eclectic style with with an Art Nouveau façade. This imposing house near Amzei square belonged to a famous Romanian female figure from the beginning of the last century, Maria Mihăescu, nicknamed Mița Biciclista, seen often cycling on Calea Victoriei.

Inside you can buy Christmas decorations, hot chocolate or mullet wine. Luckily we were able to enter and admire the ground floor, filled with many Christmas trees. I was also happy to see in front of the main door a sign with the manifesto of the building – “a historical monument building restored to Bucharest, out of love for the city and its inhabitants.”

The house reopened in November after 80 years with a ball. The entire building is very photogenic, decorated today with beautiful details and lights, especially to be admired at night.

Plus, I also revisited my favorite spots that I already shared in Bucharest part 1, part 2, and part 3, such as Cărturești Carusel and Verona libraries, Romanian Atheneum or Malvensky Jewelry House.

All in all, Bucharest will always have a special place in my heart for everything it offered me, the good and the bad, the lessons and the memories.

Photo credit – Official Instagram account “lamitabicilista”

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