Berlin Science Week

I started thinking at my life so far when I was in the Naturkunde Museum, during Berlin Science Week, while surrounded by children (and dinosaurs). Growing up, I did not had the opportunity to attend this type of events.

This November, Berlin Science Week was a 10 days international festival with innovative scientific organizations, a different type of travel experience, and most important, a reminder to stay curios and optimistic.

I enjoy all festivals – music, film, science.

Dare to know

The Festival had panels all over Berlin with international speakers, and meaningful conversation, for instance on digitalization, ethical artificial intelligence or sustainable cities. It also included lectures, workshops, public talks or fascinating exhibitions in the entire city.

Was difficult to choose which session to attend, since many interesting events were running in parallel. What a privilege. To remember in some years the options, I have made a summary of my list below. Many questions and answers after these truly incredible sessions:

  • Towards Climate Sustainable – from evidence to action, at the Swiss Embassy
  • Two evenings exploring the Naturkunde Museum during the Campus experience
  • Rethinking living – humans and machines, a public discussion part of Zürich meets Berlin, presented by ETH Zurich
  • As it was also – Rethinking cities – about urbanization, transformative technologies, the potential of cities and the opportunities they brings
  • Pasteur and Koch – hosted by the French Embassy
  • CHOM5KY vs CHOMSKY interactive exhibition that explores VR artificial intelligence.

This festival facilitated debates around transformative technology, science and innovation so accessible and inclusive to everyone. Other topics included ethical artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, machine learning, climate change.

Sometimes I dismiss an app or a new tool because I don’t understand or I don’t accept that artificial intelligence is omnipresent. I appreciate this type of event that encourage me to stay curious. Stay up to date with technology and their impact in our life and the economy. Stay relevant in my work field. Stay optimistic about the future. Stay confident in my abilities.

Berlin is so back

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