Bonsoir Printemps, Strasbourg

Voilà. I went last time to Strasbourg in a warm weekend in February that made me think Spring is on its way. I remember walking on a street called Rue de Printemps (Spring) near the European Parliament. There is something romantic walking in any French city street, but especially one with the name of a season.

La Petite France

I didn’t leave without visiting “Cathedrale Nostre Dame de Strasbourg” and walking on the canals of France’s Alsatian capital. My favorite part was wondering in “La Petite France” district, the most charming area of Strasbourg, in the historical center of the city.

Making memories, walking on Rue des Dentelles among well preserved half-timbered houses and taking lovely photographs. Enjoying wine from the Alsace region and for dinner, ordering “Tarte flambee or Flammekuchen.

Travel light

To Strasbourg, the travel is easy and light, as traveling should be. The train from Brussels is longer, but from Colmar takes less than 30 minutes and until Baden Baden in the German Black Forest is just 1.5 hours. I always travel light and I am always ready for the next destination.

My first visit in Strasbourg was for work during a December, when we saw the beautiful Christmas market and decorations in the city. Since than I came back a couple more times, including for the European Youth Event. If you are wondering weather or not I would return, this should not come as a surprise, as there is always more to see. The answer is Oui!

At the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg, May 2014

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