I Amsterdam

Most photogenic city in Europe must be Amsterdam. This Dutch city is pretty at every corner with the picture perfect charming houses, over 1000 bridges bridges for 165 canals and world-class museums. I was lucky that I visited the cozy city 4 times during the years I lived in Brussels, so I wrote down from my journal 4 memories.

Journal notes:

  • First, unique museums. So many lessons after visiting the Anna Frank Museum, the house that brings to life the journal she wrote and the story of her family. I waited a long time in line and is the best way to prepare for the emotional tour, admire the neighborhood and chat with the travelers waiting around you.
  • Van Gogh Museum is worth waiting in line. I still carry in my purse the souvenirs from the gift shop and I rememeber how me and the girls even had lunch at the cozy cafe. Rijksmuseum, museum of the Netherlands is next on the list, while not being sure I can pronounce it right.
Sometimes trips take people. July 2016
  • With more canals than Venice, the houses lined up are called “dancing houses”. These houses and the amount if cute bridges are indeed picture perfect, but are they practical? So narrow to even carry furniture through the stairs, that it must be pushed through the window using a system that involves the hook at the top and many physics laws. Also let’s not forget the boats that are residences or even hotels! The houses display and their reflections in the water to admired also at sunset and at night when the city transforms.
  • Even though I always enjoy going off grid, this time was fun to try to make a picture at the letters sign “I Amsterdam” in Museumplein that I think made the city more famous than it was. Is it possible? When I was there I was thinking that we don’t take trips .. some trips take us.
  • Plus one more memory. People cycle everywhere. Locals on bikes are more dangerous than cars. And I spotted several chic women on high heels talking on the phone, holding babies, walking dogs. In general, multitasking. Very impressed. How do they do it?


Jordaan district is scenic and central, just walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station. The Nine Streets district (Negen Straatjes) between Singel and Prinsengracht canals, dates back from the 16th century. Is very chic and a shopping route with boutiques and cafes. The Anne Frank House is here is nearby on Prinsengracht.

Lastly, I liked very much also the neighborhoods from the East – Amsterdam Oost and De Pijp, where was our accommodation once. I found later that De Pijp is the oldest part of Amsterdam and considered the coolest at the moment. But I am sure I still don’t know how to preperly pronounce it.

Would I like to return very soon? Yes.

Never a dull moment in Amsterdam. May 2017

More inspiration

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Anne Frank Museum

One last memory / mental note for me. Last picture is from a place not far from Amsterdam called Keukenhof, also known the most famous flower park in Europe.

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