Heart of Europe

The neighbourhood with the European institutions in Brussels is a piece of Europe within Europe.

Initially, I wanted to write about places to visit in Brussels and a small paragraph about the European institutions and the elections today, and in the end, the following piece turned out.

It became o plea for being critical, optimist, base everything on facts.

How my mind works while thinking and working in 4 languages daily!


Alors, where to start?!

Parlamentarium, the museum of the European Parliament is free of charge.

More >> Parlamentarium

Visit the institutions to understand by yourself the whole picture, read, talk to the people working there, make your own opinion, vote based on your belief and values. 

EU is not Brussels.

Is important to remember that EU is not Brussels. The EU agencies are everywhere in the European Union, including 3 in London, for now.

When hearing or reading opinions, one needs to be critical and question things. Not paranoid, but mindful.

Just because something is written down in a newspaper doesn’t make it true.

The people worth listening to are not screaming! Talking loud and a lot does not make it true.

Raise your words, not the voice. <Rumi>


The system is not perfect, but is the most human in my opinion.

Ava DuVernay wrote that “these days, the safest way for someone to appear intelligent is being skeptical by default. We seem sophisticated when we say that we don’t believe.”

Be an optimist.

Is a matter of choice after all. I choose to see the good in this Union that helped maintain peace in Europe but understand also with tolerance the people that are against and have a different opinion.

The more different we are the better!

Is one of the interesting things living in this planet.

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