From Vienna with Music

🎼 Vienna, the city of waltz. Beautiful and elegant. You see everywhere it used to be an imperial capital.

In a December morning before Christmas in 2017 I was drinking my coffee at Café Demel, where it smells phenomenal (Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Wien).

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The pastries shop Demel and the café upstairs represents the quintessential Viennese style. I recommend to go just to experience this place. I just loved the details of the walls, the velvet drapes and the beautiful chairs and the chandeliers. Next to me two men in suits were speaking French and Bach was playing in the background.

Time to order at Café Demel. An elegant waiter came, I remember I spoke in German and he answers in English. Oh, Vienna! I took a “kleiner Frühstück and a “Großer Brauner” (small breakfast and a double espresso with cream).

Christmas in Vienna

I am one of those persons that loves Christmas very much and visits markets every year. The Christmas Markets in Austria are my favorite from all the markets I ever saw.


1. The Christmas atmosphere compliments the charm of the city. Walking on the Viennese streets in the center, I saw decorations & lights everywhere. As well, one could hear music everywhere. Mostly classical music, but I remember Christmas songs, blues and jazz notes. Quite magical.

2. Culture. I recommend a culture break at Albertina Museum, Kunsthistorisches Museum or a night date at the Vienna State Opera for ballet, opera, operetta or musicals. Plus, I could have spend an entire day at MuseumQuartier.

3. Coffee and martipan. Wien has a coffee culture. Delicious culture. You can expect a line at the famous coffee shops and marzipan everywhere. Café Demel, but as well Café Central, Café Francaise, Café Mozart, Café Sacher.. All the senses are activated – sound of music, taste, smell, the views!

I once even met a German family that lived in Vienna and returned home to open a little Viennese coffee place in Stuttgart West.

4. Locations locations. I loved the Christmas market in front of Hofburg Palace, the ones at Schönbrunn, at Belvedere Palace and the one in front of St Stephen’s Cathedral in Stephansplatz.

The market Christkindlmarkt in Rathausplatz in front of the town hall is my favorite in Vienna. On weekends evenings, you can listen international choirs singing carols while having a mug of Christmas punch.

“The streets of Vienna are filled with culture.” Karl Kraus, Austrian author

I felt happy and calm admiring beautiful buildings, with a touch of Art Nouveau. Colorful and classy city.

Walking on the streets and seeing the beautiful buildings, the way people were dressed and were behaving I had a thought. What if I could borrow from the beauty around me? What if I could steal from the elegance for myself. Maybe I did in a way, I hope.

Merry Christmas!


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