Berlin to Prague

My 100th post. Or story. To mark a change of settings, an easy train ride from Berlin until an Art Nouveau train station (Praha hlavní nádraží), an open air museum, a restaurant or two, a postcard moment and a stroll in beautiful Prague.

Third visit here. Two more days in Prague’s bohemian atmosphere. Without any concrete plan, this time I let myself be carried away by her rhythms.

Malá Strana

Praha 1 has 5 sections: first, the Old Town, New Town and the Jewish quarter (Josefov). Across the river are Lesser Town (Malá Strana) and the Castle District (Hradčany).

After exploring more of the old and new town last summer I was in Prague, this time I spend more time across the Vltava River, in the Lesser Town or Malá Strana, where I admired Prague from above.

Always very busy Charles Bridge, Lesser Town and the Prague Castle offer beautiful viewpoints. As do as well Letná Park, the Royal Gardens (that can be visited for free) and the hill Petrín. The islands of Vltava as is Kampa Island, are a breath of fresh air in summer.

Views from above, Walking in Malá Strana, Castle of Prague, Royal Gardens & Art Nouveau

Prague is for me one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a perfect mix of old and new architecture styles – Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Renaissance, with patterns and Art Nouveau details inspired from the nature that Czech people love so much. And Art Deco across Vltava, with lines in perfect symmetry.

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old

Franz Kafka

A thought – why avoid a city instead just because you’ve already visited it. At the end, what matters is the journey.

Old Town views and very busy Charles Bridge

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