Winter in Luxembourg

Thoughts from the road, in a December, after exploring the Christmas markers of small Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, zigzagging alleys, and a familiar mix of French and German culture. The more I explore, the more familiar a place and the world feels.

The more I write, the easier it is and the lighter I feel.

When I think of Luxembourg, I remember Winter lights at the Christmas market in Place d’Armes or Place de la Constitution, that I visited in a appropriately international group from Brussels, as international as Luxembourg. Plus, Christmas Markets in Europe are magical.

Fact learned on the road. Luxembourg has 3 official languages and is one of the founding members of the European Union, but is one of the least-populous countries in Europe. And not necessarily in a pandemic, but usually nearly half of Luxembourg’s workforce commutes to work from another country.


Visited the compact old quarter in Luxembourg City, an UNESCO Heritage Site, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and Place Guillaume. Continued with Palais Grand-Ducal, that had a great café outside called Chocolate house. Historical Passerelle Viaduc, known as the Old Bridge, for panoramic views, made me think of Hogwards.

Walk to Chemin de la Corniche

Still, my favorite sight in Luxembourg was pedestrian Chemin de la Corniche, the pathway that overlooks Grund, the lower part of the city and one of the most picturesque of Luxembourg, quiet by day and lively in the evenings. Chemin de la Corniche can be reached with an elevator, but I preferred walking the small zigzagging alleys.

Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn“, meaning “We will stay what we are”

Luxembourg’s national motto

Feature photo – all credits

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