Berlin & Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg was like a puzzle. Unconventional Berlin. Walking along the Landwehrkanal, is incredible to notice the architecture in Art Deco and Art Nouveau and how much symmetry has a city that seems so chaotic, with former East, West, old parts, new constructions, party areas, grey buildings, a Wall memorial. I think one of the reasons I write these articles is a way to solve the Berlin puzzle.

An introduction

I remember I walked one day from the Berlin Mitte until Kreuzberg kiez (neighborhood) – walking by the water, on a beautiful road, on a warm day that made think of spring that started today, and feeling I am passing from a city to another! Maybe that’s why I don’t have this wanderlust feeling or travel blues so strong since living in Berlin.

Victoria Park in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg Mix – Parks, Galleries, Markets & Music

Park Viktoria and Berlinishe Galerie near checkpoint Charlie are two of my favorite sights in Kreuzberg. In fact, Kreuzberg can be translated as “cross mountain”, and the little hill can be found in this pretty park and neighborhood Bergmannkiez.

Markets to visit are at Markthalle 9 – with 150 vendors, and the Turkish market at Maybachufer, part of Kreuzkölln, takes place every Tuesday and Friday. I thought I saw a lot of Berlin until I went for the first time last summer to the market hall called Markhalle Neun (IX) in and realized is still a lot to see.

I am not an expert in techno, but in Berlin I guess you stay in line and enjoy the night out, even this seems a distant memory now. Kreuzberg was historically associated with punk rock. Clubs worth mentioning- Ritter Butke and SO36, where Iggy Pop and David Bowie used to hang out, plus Oranienplatz area with Oranienstrasse and beautiful ORA bar set in an old pharmacy.

Markhalle Neun (IX)

Coffee culture

Bonanza Coffee Roasters, hidden in a backyard, 21 gramm (Hermanstrasse 179), and near the canal – Katie’s Blue Cat, Five Elephants and Populus Coffee (at Maybachufer 20) are my favorite in Kreuzberg. Admittedly it was also where the staff was the most friendly. But coffee is delicious with decent price for the high quality.


Lastly, at the Landwehrkanal, the most popular bridge to watch the sunset is Admiralbrücke. Other two less crowded are Glogauer Brücke and Ohlauer Brücke.

The End

Landwehrkanal in summer

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