4 things to do in Düsseldorf

While sitting in the train from Berlin to Potsdam, I started writing about my last trip to Düsseldorf. Even though “dorf” means village in German, Düsseldorf is such an interesting dinamic city today. I visited it in for a reunion in summer and by myself in autumn. And two time in winter, for the Christmas market, as we have to admit the holidays are the only best part during the cold months.

1. Königsallee and park Hofgarden

Königsallee is a shopping street, divided by a canal and chestnut trees. Walking on the beautiful 1 kilometer long boulevard, I was busy window shopping, admiring pretty galleries. And while Berlin is cool, to me Düsseldorf has a different energy, with elegant boulevards.

Located not that far from the main train station, the boulevard starts at Graf-Adolf Platz, and continues until beautiful city park Hofgarden, Kö-Galerie, Theatre an der Kö, and a favorite, shopping mall Breuninger. Is a great place to start exploring Düsseldorf, feeling the energy of the city, or shopping.

Between the train station and the city center, you actually can pass through the Japanese quarter called “Little Tokio”, as I learned that Düsseldorf is the home to the largest Japanese community in Germany.

2. Jazzy Altstadt (Old Town)

The city has a proper and beautiful old town or Altstadt, with theaters, but also breweries, many pubs, bar or cafés, great for people watching. I remember we where in town exactly during the Jazz Festival, making the visit even more special.

Besides walking in the alleys of the old town, my highlights were the historical house “Carsch-House”, Burgplatz, the market at Carlsplatz and Rathaus (Town Hall).

Very important, in the old town, I spotted many vintage shops, small boutiques and elegantly dressed locals.

3. Sightseeing in MedienHafen

The MedienHafen and the Rhine Tower come first to mind. The River and the spectacular architecture from harbor define the Düsseldorf skyline. Der Neuen Zollhof are the 3 building pictures above, with facades that are curving, popular now with photographers and tourists.

MedienHafen was an abandoned harbor (Hafen is harbor in German). But the architect Frank O.Gehry created a true landmark of the city. Now, 700 companies have their office here, from agencies, publishing houses or newspapers, giving it the new name of Media Harbor or MedienHafen.

The Rhein tower panorama platform can be visited, as well as the restaurant at the top.

4. Skyline at sunset

Cities with water in any shape are charming, and the Rhine promenade is perfect for a walk at any time of the day, but also at sunset.

So many people gathered on Rheinuferpromenade to watch the sunset, bringing wine or a snack. Another great place for people watching.


When I like a city, I enjoy returning a second or third time, especially because I get to discover even more hidden gems and see again those favorite places, without rushing to must-see famous spots.

Düsseldorf before Christmas

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