Light of Freedom

Two festivals are lightning the mood in October. Because one was not enough. „The Festival of Lights“ and „Berlin Leuchtet / Berlin Illuminated“.

Berlin Light Weeks

Light can be the electromagnetic radiation for the scientists. Life from the Sun. Is hope for the romantics. And lights of freedom in Berlin right now.


The Festival of Lights started Friday night and will continue until Sunday the 20th of October 2019 and will illuminate the most famous monuments of Berlin, together with squares, buildings and even embassies.


This year celebrates 15 years of Festival of Lights.

And because next month Berlin and the World are celebrating 30 years since the fall of the Wall, the motto of the Festival is Freedom. I could not think of a better theme!

The motto of the Festival is Freedom

Berlin Leuchtet / Berlin Illuminated started 2 days earlier and is the little baby of the Festival of Lights. This one will focus on less famous sights in Berlin.


Keep in mind that in total there are 97 illuminated sites around the city. Unique illuminations are also on specific nights. Pretty impressive. The whole program is on the website.


I started my itinerary in Bebelplatz where I could see a 360 degrees projections at:

  • Hotel de Rome
  • Hedwig Cathedral
  • State Opera Unter den Linden
  • Humboldt University.

Next, the projection mapping of the beloved TV Tower can be spotted from most parts of the city center.

My absolute favorite ones are around the Museum Island:

  • Berlin Dom should not be missed
  • the front of Bode Museum and the side projection show next to the river Spree are marvelous
  • James-Simon-Galerie is a highlight show called “A journey through the evolution of mankind.”

Personally I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought the 10 installations at Potsdamer Platz. Is worth the trip still because the modern architecture is impressive and the Wall used to ran until 1989 here.

Brandenburg Gate

Finally, the 3D videomapping at the famous Brandenburg Gate is very emotional, focusing on the celebration after the Fall of Wall.

Enjoy Berlin! What a city.

Love, Aida

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