Postcard from Switzerland

In Switzerland, not just the quality of life is high, but also the quality of the chocolate, people and moments. Postcards from Zürich and Lucerne below.


Was a 3 hours train ride away from Stuttgart. And I went alone in this trip, so I could observe a few more things.

At first, I was impressed how many strangers started talking to me in the train, waiting in line at the supermarket or seeing me on my own in the cafes, always smiling and kindly switching from Swiss German to Standard German once they saw my confused look.

I love that they here say ‘Grüezi’, ‘Merci vilmal’ and ‘Adieu’ and that quality chocolate is a way of life, just like it is in Belgium.

Zürich my first stop, but a very short one. It truly a cosmopolitan city, very international and cold. In 5 minutes, I was hearing English being spoken, alongside French, Italian and of course, German.


The second stop was my favorite. Luzern/ Lucerne is smaller and softer. The mountains are nearby, and the Lucerne lake was full with swimmers.

Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) on the river Reuss is the symbol of the city and the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. I remember walking to the Lion monument near Löwenplatz, that commemorates Swiss guards who died in the French Revolution.

Plus, a few Swiss Alps sights took my breath away.

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