Brussels. Chocolate. Part II

Time for more chocolate. If you travel to Brussels or live there and you like chocolate, you can call yourself lucky!

In this second part we will cover Royal chocolate, the rebel Pierre Marcolini and 3 Brussels based places, just for chocolate ‘connoisseurs’.

Third stop- Royal chocolate

MARY Chocolatier Confiseur

Madame Marie Delluc is the “grand dame of Belgium chocolates”. She founded in 1919 MARY Chocolatier Confiseur and became a Royal Family favorite.

And you notice this the moment you enter her shops. MARY chocolatier is different; there is something special about that chocolate shop.

Personally, I think the royal feeling is in the details – the light, the decorations, the chocolate boxes.

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My chocolate ballotin became the little box I keep my earrings now.

Yes, the chocolate boxes! Hers are sophisticated, handcrafted, beautifully decorated and they can easily be mistaken with a jewelry box.

Fun fact – the original MARY’s was located at Rue Royale 180 and moved to the flagship store in 1990. To experience the real feeling, I recommend a little detour to thhe flagship shop.


Two words – Piere Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is one brave innovator as he brought exotic ingredients as pepper or patchouli in the traditional Belgian chocolate world. I have to admit the chocolate here is even more expensive but is worth it.

The brand is famous in Asia too. When I was showing Brussels to Miyoko, she told me that back home in Tokio, Pierre Marcolini chocolates are three times more expensive. Wow.

Maybe I should complain less about prices, shouldn’t I?

In the Royal Galleries, you have two Piere Marcolini shops, one even next to Neuhaus (talk about location). But a much bigger store is located in Place du Grand Sablon. You can’t miss it if you arrive in the square.

Address: Place du Grand Sablon 39, 1000 Bruxelles

Another hidden gem in the city is close –Place du Petite Sablon with a little park I went literally hundred times because I used to live 2 minutes away. One lucky girl.


Been there, ate that. Three insiders tips.

Of course, you see everywhere also GODIVA shops (exquisite chocolate) and Leonidas (good and most important, budget-friendly), both delicious, but I would like to share three special chocolatiers original from Brussels and to go beyond the touristic trail.

  1. The real deal – Frederic Blondeel

Only for the chocolate ‘connoisseurs’

Sir Blondeel is a true bruxellois. You can find the brand in Brussels ONLY, and l’atelier is behind the counters. If you go, you might even see mister Blondeel working.

I was surprised how many of my friends living for years in Brussels didn’t know about this place. What’s the point in living here?

Fun fact – There are two shops one next to the other. The second one also has delicious ice cream with interesting flavors. Plus, you get to hang around Place Saint Catherine and pass by Rue Antoine Dansaert, only the trendiest street in Brussels.

Address: Quai aux Briques 24, 1000 Bruxelles

  1. Next – Chocolate Wittamer

The Wittamer family opened their chocolate shop over 100 years ago in the same famous Sablon neighborhood. Interestingly enough, Pierre Marcolini was at one point chef-pâtisseur at Wittamer.

Miyoko (1)

Inside, you can have a peak of l’atelier where they create the chocolate pieces. And next door, you can find the Wittamer café, with a lovely terrace overlooking Grand Sablon.

The kindest salesperson told me that the Wittamer family has only two shops in the world – Brussels, and Tokio! Miyoko was very happy to hear.

Address: Place du Grand Sablon 6-12-13, 1000 Bruxelles.

  1. Last stop – Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier

You won’t regret the calories here! Laurent himself organizes chocolate workshops, a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Fun fact: Laurent Gerbaud is also creating the chocolate for the famous speculoos biscuits Dandoy. Speculoos being another Belgian specialty.

Address:  Rue Ravenstein 2D, 1000 Bruxelles

All you need is love .. and some chocolate

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