Viewpoints, wine & romance

You probably did not expect this, but Stuttgart is a city with many hills and with 400 to 600 staircases called “Stäffele” in the lovely local dialect.

The city is part of a wine growing region, so in the past the staircases served as access to the vineyards.

Today, Stuttgart city hills:
– are a great outdoor workout,
– the secret why people stay slim just by walking around,
– offer fantastic views over the city. Are not Lisbon hills, but still, you walk and stumble, quite literally, on a viewpoint.

Example from Stuttgart West:

Like with chocolate in Brussels, I was surprised to find out how many people living for years in Stuttgart did not know about some. I am very proud I discovered all of them in my first month and I showed them even to Germans, but maybe I am an extreme case.

We will talk about 5, my favorite ones where I have most memories.  

Also, let’s start.

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