Made in Florence

Typical breakfast is cornetto, sometimes filled with cream, eaten while standing at the bar next to a cappuccino. When it comes to shopping, Milan is a fashion capital, but “Made in Italy” has roots in Florence.

Florentine food

For lunch or dinner, Mercato Centrale is located above Florence’s oldest indoor market, San Lorenzo, in a beautiful Art Nouveau building. Or restaurants recommended by locals, “Il gato et la volpe” and “Acqua al 2” for pasta or steak.

The food on the go is Lampredotto sandwich. The most famous place, judging by the long queue – seems to be Oltrarno’s ‘l Trippaio di San Frediano. Even though the Florentine steak is the most famous dish to be tried while here.

For Gelato, I only went with tips from locals at Edoardo – Il gelato biologico, near the Duomo, and Gelateria de’ Neri, near Uffizi Gallery. But the third one, across the river, was the winner and by far the best one – Gelateria La Carraia, in Santa Croce. Ice cream is around two euros for a small cone. But why not take two flavors? Why not indeed. Nocciola et pistaccio, per favore!

Little shopping

Besides typical tuscan “pici” and “papardele” pasta to take home, I went to Flow Store – for vintage, and EPOCA, for more vintage, including why not, that Furla bag and one day, Ferragamo or Gucci shoes.

Milan is a fashion capital, but “Made in Italy” has roots in Florence.

Travel through Italy

To travel fast between the main cities I recommend both TrenItalia and ItaloTreno. Traffic is chaotic, and Italian drivers can be, let’s say, eccentric.

To do next time – a pasta class in Chianti or Sienna, try the fiorentine steak and spend hours in the Uffizi gallery.

Alla prossima!

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