Dinant & Saxophones

Picturesque, former citadel inside the Ardennes, in Namur, Belgium’s Walloon Region. Only one hour and a half by train from Brussels main station, I remember this cute small town and the big colorful saxophones spread everywhere, as a tribute to musician Adolphe Sax, the genius resident and the inventor of the musical instrument.

Homeland of the Sax

Wallonie is one of the three regions of Belgium, next to Brussels and Flanders. Is primarily French speaking and home to the cities of Liège, Spa and Dinant or Charleroi, where I only saw the airport.

The name Dinant means “divine valley” in Celtic, and I could see clearly why when I crossed the bridge over river Meuse, looking at the rock formations, the cliffs and the city’s landmark, the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame de Dinant, in Gothic style. Other major sights are the Citadel of Dinant and of course, the house of famous resident, inventor of the saxophone.

Before I started documenting for this trip, I had no idea the inventor of the saxophone, a instrument I adore, was born in this small Belgian city. So while the birthplace of Jazz is in New Orleans about 100 years ago, the saxophone was created in the early 1840s, relatively new instrument.

Plus, I did enjoy discovering this part of Belgium and many fun facts, besides saxophones. As any respectable Belgian city, the local specialty, the couque de Dinant, is Europe’s hardest biscuit, made from flour and honey, plus brand Leffe originates from Dinant.

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