International Museums Day

An event that started in Paris is now almost everywhere in the world. Every year, in spring, around the 18th of May is celebrated the International Museums day. Galleries and more other cultural places join every year the “Long Night of the Museums”.

The way we perceive the art perhaps is the way we perceive life. Our opinion about the same gallery exhibition can be similar or extremely different, even by us in different periods of our life.

You can’t learn what you think you already know.


Memories. Night at the Museum

In every city I lived and traveled to I wanted to pay a visit to museums. I don’t know about you, but I particularly enjoy visits to museums at night.

The first Museum Night celebration was in my hometown Constanța with visits to Museum of Natural History and Archeology and at The Roman Edifice with Mosaic. As I was about to take new challenges in my life, that year the official theme of the Night was “Museums in a changing world. New challenges, new inspirations.”

Bucharest Museum Night in 2013 started with a long line at Cotroceni Palace. That year the Romanian Peasants Museum had an exhibition about “Aromanians”, World Press Exhibition was helt in University Square and the evening ended at Galateca and Artmark Gallery.

Mont des Arts – Brussels

May 2014 at Mont des Arts, which means mountain of the arts because is surrounded by museums, including René Magritte Museum. You have here a beautiful view of Brussels from the little platform, and many museums per square meter and Royal air with a castle nearby.

Museum of Musical Instruments (MIM), Horta Museum (part of Art Nouveau tour), the Belgian Comics Art Center (part of Comic Strip route) and Chocolate & Cocoa (part of the Chocolate route) are in my top favorites in Brussels.

All roads lead to Roma, an open air museum and that spring in 2015 we celebrated by taking a tour of Forum of Caesar / Foro di Cesare by night and of Colosseum by day.

Very special celebration in 2016 in Brussels when I was even a volunteer at Museum Night Fever at Musée Fin-de-Siècle, around Mont des Arts.

From Paris with Art

May 2017 in Paris at Centre Pompidou and a stop at the Constantin Brâncusi “atelier”, the father of modern sculpture. Here we can see a glimpse of his “atelier” in Paris and many of his creations. Followed by classics the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay.

Museum Island – Berlin

The last two spring of my life found me in Germany, around the sights and music of the Museum Island in Berlin. I learned in this country that is worth going the extra mile and put an effort to integrate in a new city.

Museumsinsel of Berlin is an UNESCO World Heritage where you can find the Old Museum (Altes Museum), the Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie), New Museum (Neues Museum), Pergamon Museum, Bode-Museum and James Simon Gallery.

A visit at a museum can transform a simple day in an extraordinary one. Where and how did you celebrated Museum Day? What is your precious memory from a museum?

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