stuttgART & Bansky

Love is in the Bin. The most talked piece of art at the moment is in Baden-Württemberg and other ART stories. Third and final part of stuttgART series

Where to go for ART

  • Kunstmuseum for sure. You have a permanent exhibition and a temporary one.
  • Kaufhaus Mitte is a very new place in town
  • Cafe Da has Art is DA events from time to time. Very clever name. To be checked on their Instagram
  • For English plays: Dark Monday at Merlin
  • Car museums: Porche is more about design and the Mercedes about history. I recommend both even if you are not a car enthusiast.
  • Staatsgalerie. More below

Perception. Bansky effect

Bansky is an English anonymous artist. And political activist.

Most people know the street art and graffiti.

One famous paintings, Ballon Girl, was sold at an auction for a high amount of money. And after, the painting was half-shredded, but the value increased.

He shredded his canvas as a stand and manifest agains consumerism and overpricing of paintings.

The question of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is if this is Art? And if it should it be in a museum?

What do you think? Please join in the debate.

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