stuttgART & V-day

Today, during my first days living in Berlin, I start a series writing about ART in Stuttgart. I attended one impressive piece of art in February, but it stays with me still, daily.

2019. V-day in Stuttgart. V from Violence.


NEAT (New English American Theatre) Stuttgart is a traveling theatre club.

I saw the plays at Merlin Kulturcafé during “Dark Monday”, always the first Monday of the month. And the money for the tickets were donated to a charity.

In total I attended 3 plays:

– one fantastic with Christmas stories

– another one very emotional called “One page plays

– and V-Day.


But the one that impressed me the most was about V-Day. Is a play destined to empower people with knowledge about violence agains women and girls.

I still have no many words after that evening. I want to say I felt rage and sadness, but actually I feel privileged and grateful for being born when and where I was born.

The play is such a lesson about tolerance. And about acceptance.

Instead of a conclusion

All poems and readings impressive. But the one that stayed with me long after I left is below.

Alice Walker and her poem “To Stop the Violence Against Woman”

To stop the violence
Against the Woman,
Stop the violence
That you
Your own
Who is
A Woman, your own
Who is
A woman,
Your own
Who is
A Woman.
Your own
who is
A Woman.

In my world women are kind with other women and with themselves.


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