stuttgART- Symmetry & Fashion

When in chaos, create your Symmetry. My thoughts in the city of Ludwigsburg exactly, where I visited the castle and the fashion museum inside.

Day trips

Only a train away from Stuttgart are cities as Ludwigsburg, Freiburg, Baden Baden, Tübingen or Heidelberg.


I visited finally Schloss Ludwigsburg, not very far from downtown Stuttgart, and found out interesting things about the history of Württemberg, the southern region of Germany.

Is a history filled with dukes, royalties and symmetry!

Dukes and kings

Two dukes and one King used to live in this castle and each of them builded a part of it. And because they lived in different centuries, each part of the castle is different – one is in Barock, one in Rococo and one in a classical style.

The first duke was Ludwig, and that’s how the little city got its name.

He wanted to have a second home to be away from his wife, because real life is not like in fairytales ;).


In the 17th century, the style in architecture was Barock. And Barock was defined by Symmetry.

During the castle tour guide I started thinking about the importance of symmetry in my life and also about assymmetry.

This is how my mind works!

Symmetry is the opposite of chaos and is not boring. It means rituals, habits, patterns and repetitions. As long as all are healthy ones, they bring quality to life.

Asymmetry or spontaneity is also important. But to be spontaneous and take risks, you need to have freedom and independence before.


Fashion Museum deserves a special post. Is one of the 4 museums located inside the castle.

Committed maybe a felony, but really wanted to have this picture:

Looking at some of the pieces from previous century, I realized clothes were heavier and life was harder for women back then.

Even though they were wearing soft materials as silk and kashmir, life was not soft. In Europe we still face dificulties, as all humans actually, but we don’t realize how much harder existence used to be for our mother and grandmothers.


When in chaos, create your Symmetry


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