Solitude Castle

The name of this castle in Stuttgart West is a strange metaphor of how I felt here sometimes.

April was my last month in Stuttgart, so an ending and a beginning as well. I am happy this website was built in this city because it brought meaning to my last 2 years when I met great people, but in the same time experienced sometimes solitude.

That was a bit dramatic.

History time now and more fun facts below!


Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg

Solitude castle started to be built in the 18th century by Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg. The duke wanted to have this castle as a temporary residence where he could reflect, meditate and be in solitude away from Stuttgart, as the name point out.

Unfortunately, due to the high building costs, he never managed to live in it. A pity, therefore, the inside of the castle became first a high school, and afterwards a university. Must have been great to study in such a building.

And one of its most famous students was philosopher Friedrich Schiller. Quite impressive!

Today is the home of the Academy Castle Solitude, according to


Symmetry and Solitude

The Solitude castle is in rococo style, but the inside is not very ornamental and more in a classical design.

And in my view is a very symmetrical design, with clear lines and a straight avenue called Solitude alee, that leads to the Ludwigsburg castle.

Interestingly enough, Duke Karl Eugen was born in Brussels. And all the time I was visiting the castle I was associating this place with ‘Sans souci’ from Berlin. Maybe due to the French language?

Our tour guide told us that the castle has a French name because the Duke was very much fond of the French culture and he was speaking better French than German.

This is something me and duke have in common :). That, plus the history with Brussels. Maybe I am royal material and I never knew.


Castels castels castels

The region of Stuttgart has many castles, palaces and fortreses, which is usual for a big German city with a royal history.

So in the city center we have the New Castle (Neues Schloss) and the Old Castle (Altes Schloss), than Ludwigsburg Palace, Hohenheim Palace, Solitude, the Burial chapel Wuerttemberg in the vineyards, and of course the ones in Ludwigsburg. And probably even more than I don’t know about yet.

Merci et au revoir!

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