Caffeine fix in Stuttgart

Café DA

This place has a lot of personality, is full of flavour and is one of my favorite, but I am very subjective.

📌 2 min from the city center at Brennerstraße 28.

The design with simple line, white walls and wood tables are an interesting contrast with the neighborhood Bohnenviertel that is very colorful

When you go here for coffee you discover a hidden gem because this neighborhood has houses from the 19th century, antique and second-hand shops.

Took here my colleagues from work and friends

DA means “yes” in Romanian and was a good sign to find it by accident in my first days in Stuttgart when I didn’t know many people here.

The owner is Daniela, a very friendly Romanian woman. Kindest people are serving. They switch to English immediately they spot an accent or one small grammar mistake, which is honestly quite rare in Stuttgart.


I was going Saturday afternoons after my usual stop at the flea market in Karlsplatz.

Choco banana-bread was my favorite and Dana told me once that it contains rum so maybe that’s why I like it. Coffee comes from Bozanza Berlin though, an institution.

Often art events and vernisajes are hosted called “Art ist DA”, a German play-word. I thought the name is very clever. And you have a coffee with this view.

To this patisserie I returned also for the cakes, as mentioned in the previous article, to celebrate little moments with something sweet and French.

📌 Location is Gutbrodstraße 1. Which means “good bread”. Was meant to be. Était censé être!



So I recommend that next time you go to a small coffee place in your neighborhood to chat with the person selling you coffee.

Tschüss for now Stuttgart!

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